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You all can look at the family tree for more info about her children. Dionysus did have a very short affair and a few children with Aphrodite,but was mad at Ares for Aphrodite liking him more, so legend has it that Dionysus cursed her babies to be deformed and/or with disabilities. Surprisingly this didn’t affect Aphrodite.

Aphrodites family tree. Aphrodites family tree.

Aphrodites family tree. Cronus threw the genitals into the sea, and Aphrodite was born in the sea foam. She floated to shore on a scallop shell, which is why she is frequently depicted with seashells and other ocean images. Another legend describes Aphrodite as being the daughter of Zeus and Dione, the original female goddess.

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Many of the Olympian god relationships are confusing and the family tree of Aphrodite will help in studying the Greek mythology better. Here is some information about the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, her origin, life and children. She is also said to be the cause for the greatest tragedies of the Greeks, the Trojan War.

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May 05, 2017  · Aphrodite (goddess of love) Aphrodite and Ares Aphrodite and Hephaestus Deimos (God of Dread) Harmonia (God of Harmony) Adrestia (Goddess of Revenge) Himeros (God of Lust) Phobos (God of fear) Anteros (God of Requited Love) Eros (Cupid) Zeus and Dione Aphrodite’s Family Tree


sites. These are all the known relatives of Aphrodite.Her mother was Dione and her father was Zeus. She had 3 siblings Athen, Hera, and Hellen. Aphrodite had a husband named Hephaestus but she cheated on him with Ares. She had 9 children named Anteros, Eros, Demius, Phobus, Harmonia, Eryx, Hermaphrodites, Priapus, and Aeneas.

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Family tree; Blog; Vote For Me! Bibliography; Below are some of the most important people in my wondrous life: This is Hephaestus, We are married if you read the previous pages or if you were at my wedding ceremony. Honestly I don’t really like him but my father decided for us to marry together so I have no other choice but to stay with him.

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Nov 22, 2010  · What is Aphrodite’s family tree? Wiki User. ∙ 2010-11-22 23:24:08. See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. Eros – Anteros Aphrodite – Uranus. Deimos. Phobos Ares. Hymen. Harmonia – Wiki User. ∙ 2010-11 …

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Family/Relatives History Physical Appearance and Symbols Celebration Summarized Myth Conclusion Family and Relatives. Aphrodite’s parents are Zeus and Dione. She has one sibling, Ares. Since Zeus is her father she has many half-siblings. Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, the god of fire and metalworking.

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Aphrodite (or, to the Romans, Venus), was the Greek goddess of love, desire and beauty. Myths of her parentage differ, as do who was the father of many of her children, but most are settled on her children and marriages. Depending on which myth of Aphrodite’s parentage was believed, her siblings differ as well. …

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Aphrodite(Venus) the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure and Eternal Youth. Aphrodite and Adonis. Pictures and statues of Aphrodite. Myths of Aphrodite.

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Artemis. Parents were moved to. Harmony, daughter of american family. Ares, but i like their. History facts about aphrodites. Her. Theogony places him as. Million profiles of love and statue family. Question, browse ask. Aphroditevenus the tree. Android apps for aphrodite. Top questions. Rhea, eagle, thunderbolt, shield, oak tree.

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Aphrodite Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups – by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland.

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Family. Aphrodite has 8 children: Eros (son), Agape (daughter), Philia (daughter), Storge (son), Ludus (son), Philautia (daughter), Pragma (daughter), and Mania (daughter). Ares is the father of at least one of her children (Eros). Relationships. Aphrodite is in an open relationship with Ares. In Lore Olympus, she is unmarried. In myths, she is …

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Sep 28, 2012  · Hearth Moon Rising. September 28, 2012. Myrtle in flower. Photo Giancarlodessi. Our tree this week is the myrtle, sacred to Aphrodite. Myrtle trees were planted in Aphrodite’s temple gardens and shrines, and she is often depicted with a myrtle crown, sprig or wreath. Most people are familiar with Aphrodite as the Greek goddess of love, beauty …

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May 29, 2017  · Worshiped throughout Greece, she was the goddess of love, marriage, and family life; she was also worshiped as a war goddess, as at Sparta, and as a sea goddess and patroness of sailors. Aphrodite had important cults at Cythera on Crete, at Paphos and Amathas on Cyprus, at Corinth, and at Mt. Eryx in Sicily.

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Aphrodite’s other symbols included the sea, conch shells, and roses. The rose and myrtle flowers were both sacred to Aphrodite. [228] Her most important fruit emblem was the apple, [229] but she was also associated with pomegranates , [230] possibly because the red seeds suggested sexuality [231] or because Greek women sometimes used …

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Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty Roman name: Venus. The ancient Greek goddess, Aphrodite, showed up one day, thousands of years ago, and began appearing in ancient Greek myths, the myths told by the ancient Greek storytellers.

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