How to Begin Tracing Your Family Tree – A Simple Guide

Tracing Your Family Tree
Tracing Your Family Tree

The question of how to begin tracing your family tree is a difficult one. There are many ways to start, but it can be daunting if you don’t know where to start. This article will give you some resources and tips on how to get started.

There are many reasons why people want to trace their family tree. One reason might be because they want to find out where their ancestors came from or what their last name originally was. People might also want to know more about the history of their family, or they may just be interested in finding out more about themselves and who they are as a person.

Family trees are a great way to see how your family has grown over the years. They are also a good way to learn more about your ancestors and find out where you come from. You can start with yourself, then trace back through the generations to find out more about your family.

The first step is to create an ancestor chart of your family. This is a diagram that shows all of the people in your lineage, with you at the center point. You can then start tracing back through each generation, looking for names and dates that you don’t know yet.

How to create an ancestor chart?

Ancestor charts are a visual representation of the family tree. They show how a person is related to their ancestors and descendants.

A descendant chart is a type of ancestor chart which traces the descent from a single person, typically the father or mother, to all other persons in the family tree. A descendant chart can be drawn as an upside-down tree with one person at the top and all other people branching out from this person’s side.

Ancestor charts can be created using different software such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Adobe Illustrator. Well, there are multiple online free family tree maker software which are available in premium paid plans also, you can start with a free or trail plan of family tree builders.

Top 5 Free Online Family Maker Software

Here you can find top 5 best online family tree maker software to build your ancestor chart without any extra efforts. : It is one of the most popular online tool for building images, but it is also
providing free online family tree maker software, which free for everyone. You can try
this online to with premade family tree templates. : It is another free online family tree maker website like canva and this is
also a popular and branded website. you can try their free templates to build your family
tree. Yes, they have premium plans also. : Family echo is fully dedicated family tree builder or maker website
which is professionaly build for family tree. Here you can find free templates and can build
amazing family tree in just few easy steps. SmartDraw is the Ideal Family Tree Chart Maker, if you are looking the
alternative of above family tree builder then you can use this free online tool. You will love
this tool. : This is another top and popular online family tree maker online tool. Here you start from scratch or choose a family tree template to modify. If you are looking for alternative of above free family tree builder then you should try this tool.

An ancestor chart is a visual representation of the family tree. It helps to understand the family relations and is a good way to know about one’s roots.

The ancestor chart can be created by using above software or by making a paper version. These above software will make it easier for you to create your own ancestor chart, but if you want to make a paper version, you will need to draw out the diagram on a large piece of paper and then use different colors for each generation.

Ideas of Family Tree Design

Well, it is depend on you what kind of family tree design you want. You can find many free family tree templates on internet, which can be created using a image builder software like photoshop and Inkscape. If you want a free image builder or vector builder tool then i will recommend you to use Inskscape, it is a free open source online vector and image builder tool.

Below are some free family tree design or template which can used for building your family tree chart.


Download any above free family tree template to build your lovely family tree. for more free online family tree templates you can bookmark our website, we share more free online family tree templates.

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