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Sep 09, 2021  · Catherine de’ Medici, Queen-Consort of France in Famous People Throughout History view all 19 Immediate Family Henry II de Valois-Angoulême, k… fourth cousin once removed Francis II, king of France son Elisabeth de Valois, of Valois daughter Claude de France daughter Louis de Valois, duc d’Orléans son Charles IX de Valois, roi de France son

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Catherine de Medici. Print Family Tree. Queen. Born 13 April 1519 – Florence, Toscana, Italy. Deceased 5 January 1588 – Blois, France,aged 68 years old.

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Nov 11, 2021  · Catherine de medici was born on 13 april 1519.1 she was the daughter of lorenzo ii de medici, duca di urbino and madeleine de la tour.4 she married henri ii, roi de france, son of françois i, roi de france and claude de valois, duchesse de bretagne, on 28 october 1533.1 she died on 5 january 1589 at age 69.

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Medici family tree (Grand Dukes of Tuscany) Lodovico de’ Medici (1498–1526) Maria Salviati … Catherine de’ Medici *1519 †1589: Queen consort of France between 1547–1559 Cosimo I … "Medici family" "Mediateca di Palazzo Medici Riccardi". Metropolitan City …

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Catherine de Medici owed her position as consort of Henri II to the political manoeuvring of her father-in-law, Francis I of France and his alliances with Popes Leo X and Pope Clement VII, both members of the Florentine de Medici family, to combat Spain and the Holy Roman Empire.

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Catherine was born in 1519 to a powerful Italian prince from the Medici family. Her mother died a few days after giving birth, and her father died a week later. Her father’s relatives, among them popes Leo X (1475–1521) and Clement VII (1478–1534), took over her care.

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Jan 15, 2019  · After Alfonsina’s death in 1520, Catherine lived in Rome and Florence with her aunt Clarice de’ Medici and her family. Once Giulio de’ Medici became Pope, anxious to exploit her potential marriage marketability, he moved her to Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, where she lived like a princess.

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In 1560, it was clear to Catherine that her son Francis II would die soon. Eager to secure power over her next son, the nine-year-old future Charles IX, Catherine made a deal with Antoine de Bourbon, who was next in line for the little king’s regency: surrender his right to the governorship and she would let his brother, Condé, out of prison.

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Up to 10% cash back  · Catherine de Gonzaga (born de’ Medici) was born on month day 1593, at birth place, to Ferdinando I de’ Medici and Christine de’ Medici (born von Lothringen (Lorraine)). Ferdinando was born on July 30 1549, in Florence, Italija.

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Catherine de Medici married Henri de Valois and had 8 children. She passed away on 05 Jan 1589 in Blois, Departement du Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France. Catherine de Medici family tree Parents Unavailable Unavailable Spouse (s) Henri De Valois 1519 – 1559 Children François Hercule De Alencon 1555 – 1584 Victoire De France 1556 – 1556

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Dec 22, 2021  · Catherine de Medici was born into a rich and powerful family that had ruled the Italian city state of Florence since the early 1400s. Under her great-great-grandfather, Cosimo (1389–1464), Florence had become a wealthy and cultured city famous throughout the world for its art and learning. Who was king of France after Charles IX? Henry III

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Medici family, French Médicis, Italian bourgeois family that ruled Florence and, later, Tuscany during most of the period from 1434 to 1737, except for two brief intervals (from 1494 to 1512 and from 1527 to 1530).

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Catherine de’ Medici was born to the Medici family of Florence in 1519. Her parents were Lorenzo, Duke of Urbino and Madeleine de la Tour d’Auvergne. Both of her parents died shortly after her birth leaving her as the sole heiress to all of the possessions and holdings of the Medici family. After her parents’ deaths, she

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Jan 12, 2020  · Catherine de Medici (born Caterina Maria Romola di Lorenzo de Medici; April 13, 1519-January 5, 1589) was a member of the powerful Italian Medici family who became queen consort of France through her marriage to King Henry II.

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Aug 02, 2021  · Is this your ancestor? Explore genealogy for Catherine (Medici) de Médicis born 1519 Firenze, Repubblica fiorentina died 1589 Château de Blois, Blois, Touraine, France including ancestors + descendants + 2 photos + 2 genealogist comments + …

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Nov 08, 2009  · The Medici family, also known as the House of Medici, first attained wealth and political power in Florence in the 13th century through its success in commerce and banking. Beginning in 1434 with …

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