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Donkey Kong Family Tree – The History Of The Kongs! | The …

25/09/2019  · The Kong family has a long history of kicking tail and collecting bananas. From Donkey Kong, Cranky, Kong Diddy Kong, and more here at The Leaderboard we are…

Donkey Kong Family Tree – Source Gaming

17/06/2017  · Donkey Kong Family Tree. Since Donkey Kong’s first appearance alongside Mario in 1980 he has gone on to star in dozens of his own games, spin-offs and cross-overs. Naturally this has lead to an expansion of his own cast of family members. With the revelation that Cranky Kong was in fact the character from that original 1980 game, fans have often …

Donkey Kong Family Tree by Chadd Capper

Cranky Kong DK’s Father Wrinkly’s Husband Wrinkly Kong (Deceased) Cranky’s ex-wife DK’s Mother Diddy’s Grandma Diddy Kong Dixie’s Boyfriend DK’s Nephew Cranky’s Grandson Dixie Kong Tiny’s Sister Chunky and Kiddy’s Cousin Diddy’s Girlfriend Tiny Kong Dixie’s Sister Chunky &

The Kong Family Tree | FreezeFlame22 Wiki | Fandom

The Big Big Easter Egg Hunt. FreezeFlame22. Camilla Koopa. Bowser’s Koopalings Characters. Larry Koopa. Roy Koopa. Ludwig Von Koopa. Jaws. Hammer Bro.

The Donkey Kong Family Tree – YouTube

12/06/2017  · Originally from Qwerky, uploaded on Apr 11, 2015

How Big Donkey Kong’s Family Actually Is: All Kongs Explained

18/03/2021  · The Kong family tree is tall and fruitful with roots extending back forty years, and each ape is equally unique. The original Donkey Kong was an entirely different experience for players at its 1981 release than what it is today.

No Family Tree | Donkey Kong Wiki | Fandom

I got no family tree. Just a bush, a twig, a branch, a saplin’, that’s me. I never had no next of kin. Just a few hundred teeth and oily skin. And I still remember Mama’s rotten turtle egg stew. And her beetle sandwiches at picnics, too! I got no family tree. Just a bush, a twig, a branch, a sapling, that’s me. I got no family tree

Donkey Kong Family Tree : donkeykong – reddit

First of no there is no real proof diddy is funkys kid but with since diddy is donkeys nephew he has to have one ape parent and the reason I choose funky is because he is around so often and he calls himself a monkey instead of an ape and my family tree would reason that it is to link to his son that he says that.

Free Kong – Play Donkey Kong Online!

Play the classic Donkey Kong game online. No fuss. 100% free.

Kong Family Tree | Fantendo – Game Ideas & More | Fandom

Kong Family Tree View source History Talk (0) For more information about the kongs, see here. Contents. 1 The Family Tree. 1.1 Phase One; 1.2 Phase … Donkey Kong (series) Family Trees; Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Advertisement. Fan Feed More Fantendo – Game Ideas & More …

Kongfused about the dk family tree (haha get it?) : donkeykong

There isn’t an official family tree, but to be fair, most of them aren’t actually related. "Kong" isn’t a surname technically, it’s more of a name denoting someone of being part of a clan. So, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are in a romantic relationship, and this isn’t squicky because they aren’t related, they’re just a part of the same group.

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Month Of Kong: Meet Donkey Kong’s Extended Family …

06/02/2014  · He’s Donkey Kong’s grandfather, and is generally believed to be the original barrel-throwing menace from the arcade classic, just a lot older.

Donkey Kong’s Family Tree Quiz – By TAZtwister

16/04/2010  · Harry Potter: Family Relationships 16; Family Tree Word Ladder 10; 5 Gaming Fivesomes 10; Animal Crossing Character Species 7; The Simpsons Family Tree 4; Gaming Jumbles II 4; TV by Family Tree 3; Mario Kart Items 2; Click the NES Games 1

Kong – Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

13/01/2022  · The Kong Family (also known as the Kong Klan and the DK Crew) is the main group of Kongs, being Donkey Kong’s family and close friends. The patriarch of the family is Cranky Kong, the original Donkey Kong.

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