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DuckTales 2017’s Duck Family Tree | Scrooge McDuck Wikia …

This version of the Duck Family Tree does not concern the regular version of the characters, but rather the 2017 Continuum versions. It is broadly a remake of Don Rosa’s Duck Family Tree, replacing the characters with their DuckTales 2017 counterparts and blotting out part of the tree (notably Della Duck is blotted). It is mostly focused on the Clan McDuck.

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02/06/2021  · A McDuck-Duck family tree inspired by the The Don Rosa Duck Tree. The story is that this is a tree May and June have put together on Webby’s Birthday. (c) Disney Image details Image size 2849x1747px 4.05 MB © 2021 Give Keanny the gift of Core Membership — now 50% off through December 27 Give Core See More by Suggested Collections Ducktales by

Clan McDuck (2017) | DuckTales Wiki | Fandom

Silas McDuck (1800s) Quagmire McDuck (1800s) Dirty Dingus McDuck, married to Molly Mallard (1800s) Fergus McDuck, married to Downy McDuck. Pothole McDuck. Scrooge McDuck. Hortense McDuck, married to Quackmore Duck. Matilda McDuck. Donald Duck (2017) Son of Hortense McDuck and Quackmore Duck.

DuckTales 2017: The McDuck/Duck Extended Family …

Hot-Blooded: Much like the rest of his family members he has a bad temper and he’s very passionate in a way about family. Inadequate Inheritor: It’s implied he feels this way, since he wasn’t able to rebuild the family fortunes himself either by finding the lost treasure or by hard work. The insulting note left by his father confirms it.

DuckTales 2017: McDuck Family Household and Employees …

Adaptational Jerkass: Gyro in the comics and the 1987 show is a shy but otherwise Nice Guy with some shades of an Absent-Minded Professor.This incarnation of Gyro is an Insufferable Genius and a Mad Scientist.This is Revisiting the Roots to some extent, as some of the earlier Barks comics show a temperamental side to him and Paperinik comics occasionally remark he’s a bit …

Duck Family Trees

Duck Family Tree, which consider any sources (comics, movies, videogames) was started back in 2001: At first, it was in a text only version inspired of Don Rosa’s tree, Barks’ sources, cartoon sources and also other famous characters, then it became illustrated and more and more enlarged. It’s been built thanks

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It’s actually just a rebooted version of the old family tree by Don Rosa but without Della’s husband and a lot of characters are hidden with ink. But this tree from the book only shows the section of Clan McDuck, it doesn’t show the Duck Family or the Coot Kin. 5. level 1.

Gilles Maurice’s Duck Family Tree

Gilles Maurice’s Duck Family Tree. Gilles R. Maurice’s. Duck Family Tree. (2001 – 2006) Note : "right click > save link target as" for proper off-browser viewing. Explanatory table with details on characters under re-construction… >>> Back to the Duck Family Trees page. >>> Back to Calisota Online.

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Duck Family (1987), the version of the family from the original DuckTales. Clan McDuck (1987) , a family tied to the Duck Family by marriage. Duck Family (2017) , the version of the family from the DuckTales reboot .

Clan McDuck – Wikipedia

He appeared in Don Rosa’s illustrated family tree, but has not appeared in any comic book stories. A 1960s story by Bob Gregory and Tony Strobl identifies Scrooge’s grandfather as Titus McDuck . In the 2017 DuckTales series episode, "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck", Dingus is revealed to have had an antagonistic relationship with his son, Fergus (not unlike that of the …

Donald Duck’s Family Tree Explained! – YouTube

From the Coot kin to the Duck family to Clan McDu… Today we are going to go through the family tree of Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, and Huey, Dewey and Louie!

The Family Tree | Disney Wiki | Fandom

The Family Tree is a comic inspired by The Lion King. In the comic, Mufasa asks Simba and Nala to stop scuffling in the den at Pride Rock, but Simba complains that it’s no fun being in the den. One of the lionesses (most likely Sarabi or Sarafina) tells them that they can go outside once the rain has stopped. When it stops raining, the cubs run outside on their way to Slide Rock. Along …

DuckTales 2017 family tree, featuring the…

DuckTales 2017 family tree, featuring the characters we’ve seen thus far. Tags: I spent way too many hours on this updated to include clinton coot! enjoy?? this is probably all correct but lemme know if I made a glaring mistake ant posts my art i guess …

Ducktales & The Simpsons: Geneaology for Fanbois

13/01/2015  · Perhaps pop-culture’s most-detailed family tree is the work of two extremely dedicated cartoonists. When most of the world was going gaga over Disney standbys Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy, illustrator Carl Barks was inventing a universe of new characters that went miles deeper than anything you could conjure up in an animated cartoon.

Rewriting (Family) History Chapter 1, a ducktales fanfic …

22/06/2019  · Rewriting (Family) History Chapter 1, a ducktales fanfic | FanFiction. Chapter One. The only thing that kept Della in her seat as the Spear of Selene landed, a lot more roughly than she would have wanted, but hey, she didn’t crash, so that was a plus. However, she did wack her head on the control panel as it came to a halt.

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck’s Family Tree, by Whatsits Galore.

DONALD DUCK’S FAMILY TREE You’ve enjoyed Donald Duck and all his animated relatives in cartoon shorts, feature films, television, and comic books. Now discover the precise relationship between all your favorite Disney duck characters with this illustrated family tree. It’s Disney’s version of Duck Dynasty! MORE DISNEY: KUZCO MICKEY STITCH TARZAN

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