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The end of the Family is not Goku Jr. There Is way more. (Uks Means Unknown Spouse) Grandpa Gohan Bardock Uks Raditz Goku Chi-Chi Hercule Uks Valese Goten ———- Gohan Videl C.J Goten Jr. Haun Pan Uks Goten the 3rd Golan Videl.Jr Goten the 4th Goku.Jr Uks Gohan The Third Bardock (Adoptive Son of Grandpa Gohan, father Of Raditz and Goku, …

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Kakarot landed on Earth and was renamed Son Goku by Grandpa Son Gohan. Ox-King and his spouse gave birth to Chi-Chi. Goku married Chi-Chi. Goku and Chi-Chi had Gohan and Goten. Mr. Satan and his spouse Miguel had Videl. Gohan married Videl.

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Nov 22, 2020  · Dragon Ball Z – Fighters’ Family Tree !!! Connecting all Z-Fighters to make the greatest family tree including characters from Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Z an…

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Mar 29, 2018  · Everyone in goku’s family up until the end of the series so farhttps://twitter.com/joexwild

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The Son family also known as the Goku Family, is the main family in Dragon Ball, and consists of six known members, plus extended family and an unspecified number of unnamed members. This is one of the two families in the series to have the Earthling and Saiyan bloodlines (the other being the Brief family ).

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Bardock & Son Goku’s Family Tree. Bardock and his spouse gave birth to Raditz and Kakarot. Kakarot landed on Earth and was renamed Son Goku by Grandpa Gohan. Ox-King and his spouse gave birth to Chi-Chi. Goku married Chi-Chi. Goku and Chi-Chi had Gohan and Goten. Mr. Satan and his spouse had Videl. Gohan married Videl. Gohan and Videl had Pan.

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Nov 27, 2018  · Finally, Goku’s family tree is the most fleshed out. The Saiyan was born to Bardock and Gine. Before the hero was born, the couple had Raditz, but the older brother was never fond of Goku. After …

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Cold-Hearted Warrior Raditz. – Excellent stunner. – Great hard-hitter and tank, especially when their passive is fully utilized. – Plethora of Goku’s Family enemy. – Infinite ATK stacker. – Self-sustainable. – Poor linkset. – Guaranteed stun only works against multiple enemies. C2.

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Goku’s Family. This Category increases drops on these events. This Category has extra benefits on these events. Consists of characters related to Goku. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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Feb 01, 2018  · Goku’s Family – Bardock and Gine gave birth to Raditz and Kakarot – Goku and Chi-Chi have Gohan and Goten – Gohan and Videl have Pan – Goku Jr. is Gohan and Videl’s great-great-grandson. Vegeta …

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Family: father-Bardock, mother-?, elder brother-Radditz, wife-Chichi, sons-Gohan & Goten Primary attacks: kamehameha, kaiou-ken, genki dama Highest level of transformation: super saiya-jin 3. Goku is a sweet-natured, pure-hearted warrior with an almost child-like innocence.

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Romantic. Deviantart. Dragon Ball Family Tree by Takineko on DeviantArt. Iknow this isnt everyone, but its more or less all the family ties, as well as a few friends hehe I have no life EDIT:: Added some stuff Fusion brought … Dragon Ball Family Tree. natijeanne.

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This is Goku’s family tree. Gohan. The first son of Goku and Chichi and a half-Human, half-Saiyan, Son Gohan held the potential for enormous power.

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Mar 02, 2010  · Top Quizzes with Similar Tags. Harry Potter: Family Relationships 4. Three Generation TV Shows 4. Find the Family Guy Characters 2. Blitz: Name a TV Family Member 1. TV by Family Tree 1. The Simpsons Family Tree 1. Blood Relatives Slideshow: TV 1. Family Tree Word Ladder 1.

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