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House Arryn of the Eyrie is one of the Great Houses of Westeros, and is the principal noble house in the Vale of Arryn. Their main seat is the Eyrie, which is considered impregnable. House Arryn has at least one other holding, their winter …

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General information about House Arryn from the books. Family Tree Jonothor Arryn, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, Warden of the East (b. 127), his first wife, { Lady Fiona } of House Belmore (b. 128), a cousin, killed by a great fall (d. 152), his second wife, Lady Lira of House Lannister (b. 137), their children:

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Alys Arryn She was the wife of Prince Rhaegel Targaryen and the mother of the twins Aelor and Aelora (born in 195/211 AC) and Daenaera (born in 212/216 AC). Given the range of births for Aelor and Aelora is mostly post-First Blackfyre Rebellion, it …

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I started from Jasper Arryn because that was the clearest line of succession for House Arryn. I have Sansa as “Alayne Stone”. Ned and Catelyn are included just to show Sansa’s real parentage. 5. level 1. Rudenessq. 2 years ago. Wow. I never realized how …

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Mar 20, 2019  · family tree. Evern the most loyal Game of Thrones viewers can mix up the Tullys and the Tyrells from time to time — but fear not, we’re here to …

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House Targaryen of Dragonstone is a noble family of Valyrian descent who once ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. The Targaryen sigil is a three-headed dragon breathing flames, red on black.[1][2][3] The house words are "Fire and Blood".[4] It eventually became the first royal house of the Seven Kingdoms, as House Targaryen of King’s Landing.

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Feb 10, 2018  · Rodrik Arryn wed in 80 ac, and if he was a man grown, he would be 16 in Westeros at least. Meaning he was born at least by 64ac. This is 27 years after Ronnel died. So not alot of room in the Arryn family tree between any son’s of Hubert and Rodrik being born.

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Jan 04, 2018  · The World of Ice and Fire – The Bones and Beyond: Yi Ti. In the beginning, the priestly scribes of Yin declare, all the land between the Bones and the freezing desert called the Grey Waste, from the Shivering Sea to the Jade Sea (including even the great and holy isle of Leng), formed a single realm ruled by the God-on-Earth, the only begotten son of the Lion of …

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House Arryn Family Tree & House Tully Family Treefor the Game of Thrones show and A Song of Ice and Fire booksTargaryen Family tree discussion and House Frey…

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This Family Tree is up to date with ~GAME OF THRONES SEASON 4 ~ Season 5 Ep 10 – Selyse hangs herself, Stannis is killed by Brienne, Myrcella …

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There are no Stark-Arryn marriages noted in the Stark genealogy that’s included in the World of Ice and Fire. However, because this family tree goes back only to about ~200 years ago, it’s extremely possible that there’s at least one Arryn marriage, or multiple marriages, at some unspecified point in the more-distant past.

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Apr 23, 2019  · House Arryn is coming into the eighth season in a strong position. 3 House Lannister The Lannisters of Casterly Rock have three surviving members of the main family, and the end of the seventh season saw them going their separate ways.

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Family tree In the books In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Royces are the most powerful family in the Vale after the Arryns, and they are extremely loyal to House Arryn.

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Jan 13, 2016  · I’ve updated this series of trees, and you can find the newest Arryn tree here

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Family Tree. Quenton Corbray (b. 120), Lord of Heart’s Home, wielder of the Valyrian steel longsword Lady Forlorn, . his wife, Lady Molianne of House Westerling (b. 120), their children: Simona (b. 140), m. Ser Edmure Tully (b. 135), heir to Riverrun, (See House Tully),; Ser Dermett (b. 142), heir to Heart’s Home, Warden of Crackclaw Point (see House Targaryen),

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May 23, 2018  · House Arryn One of the big surprises came at the end of season 7, episode 7. This hinted at a blood relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. This potentially makes the Game of Thrones Family Tree even more complicated. Game of Thrones Family Tree We have designed the Game of Thrones family tree to through light on the situation.

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The original main line of House Arryn originates from Oswin "the Osprey", who had two sons: Roland and Jonos. By this route, the current, rightful head of House Arryn is the purported son of Roland by the woman Valla, followed by Jonos Arryn and then his son, Harrold. Roland also sired three daughters; Teora, Lenore, and Anya Arryn.

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