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The Starks are an ancient house of First Men descent. House Stark was founded by Brandon the Builder, a legendary figure who lived during the Age of Heroes. Bran the Builder is said to have raised Winterfell, the seat of the Starks, and the Wall, and other legends connect him with Storm’s End and the Hightower.

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15/01/2022  · The stark family tree represents one of the great houses of westeros. House frey crakehall freys by benjiskyler on deviantart. While house stark does not go out looking for war, they certainly never back down from a fight. House stark was founded by brandon the builder, a legendary figure who lived during the age of heroes.

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09/04/2019  · The Stark Family Tree represents one of the great houses of Westeros. House Stark represented as the wardens or rulers of the North who reside in Winterfell, Winterfell is an age-ancient castle known for its strong protection traits as well as the ancestral home of House Stark. As legend has it, the castle has been held by the Starks for 8000 years.

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Many prominent characters from the Song of Ice and Fire books are associated with the House Stark. Who are the most prominent members of the House Stark. Eddard Stark and his wife Catelyn Tully are two of the central members of the family. Eddard "Ned" Stark is the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North.

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I had some free time after class so I decided to make up a Stark family tree. I stuck to the family line post Benjen Stark, father of Rickon, because that was the clearest line of succession and everything previously doesn’t have too much detail. EDIT: I made a mistake with Jacaerys and his daughter, the betrothal between the daughter and Rickon Stark is not in-universe speculation.

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23/05/2018  · House Stark; House Gregjoy; House Baratheon; House Tyrell; House Martell; House Lannister; House Tully; House Arryn; One of the big surprises came at the end of season 7, episode 7. This hinted at a blood relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. This potentially makes the Game of Thrones Family Tree even more complicated. Game of …

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He and Catelyn Stark, formerly Tully, with whom he has five trueborn children, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon. Eddard also has an illegitimate son, Jon Snow, who Eddard raises among his trueborn children. Eddard is known for his sense of honor and justice; he dislikes deceit, intrigue, and secrecy.

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The Starks are the most important family in the series. It makes sense not to complicate their family tree by adding a whole bunch of cousins and cadet branches. The fate of the Stark family becomes slightly less poignant if we know that there are several dozen ‘lesser’ Starks capable of carrying on the line if the main ones die. Thanks for the A2A.

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House Stark Winter Is Coming The Stark family traces its lineage back to the First Men, who landed in Westeros more than 10,000 years ago and eventually forged a lasting peace with the continent’s druidic natives, the Children of the Forest. The Starks still worship the Old Gods of their forebears at the heart tree in Winterfell .

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‘Game of Thrones’ • Family trees house oF stark The Stark family traces its lineage back to the First Men, who landed in Westeros more than 10,000 years ago. The Starks ruled as kings in the north (beginning with Bran the Builder, who erected the Wall) until the Targaryen conquest. Benjen Stark Younger brother of Lord Eddard Stark lord renly

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Template:HotD/House Strong family tree. T. Template:House Targaryen family tree Conquest era. Sandbox:House Targaryen family tree Conquest era. Template:HotD/House Targaryen family tree. Template:House Targaryen family tree Dance of the Dragons era. Template:House Targaryen family tree Regency Conquest of Dorne era.

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08/09/2011  · The young knight who fought Gregor Clegane in the tourney is Loras Tyrell, one of the House’s royal sons. Tyrells, as well as Martells, become important later on. House Bolton – Roose Bolton is its lord, and his bastard son Ramsay Snow. Sworn to the Starks up north. Specializes in skinning people. Not a joke. Will come into play soon.

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08/05/2019  · Stark Family Tree. The children of Ned and Catelyn Stark are the key characters in the Game of Thrones family tree. The Stark family lived in the North of Westeros. Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark and his wife Catelyn (née Tully) had five children: dutiful Robb; naïve Sansa; tomboy Arya; adventurous Bran; Rickon, a toddler.

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Targaryen Family Tree video if you enjoyed, Subscribe for more GoT and ASOIAF videosStark Family Tree The fa…

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House Stark of Winterfell is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and the principal noble house of the North.In the old days they ruled as the Kings of Winter up until the wars of conquest by House Targaryen in which they ruled as Wardens of the North. Nearly three centuries later they ruled as kings once again after Robb Stark was victorious in the War of the Five Kings.

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