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Putting together your árbol genealógico (family tree) in Spanish? This article has all the vocabulary you’ll need! Basic Terms. Let’s start with the most basic words you’ll need to talk about family in Spanish. Spanish English Spanish English; madre.

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How to say family tree in Spanish Spanish Translation árbol de familia More Spanish words for family tree el árbol genealógico noun genealogical tree, pedigree el árbol familiar noun family tree arbol genealogico family tree Find more words! family tree See Also in English family noun, adjective familia, familiar, menaje tree noun, verb


May 19, 2017  · Family tree in Spanish How to say family members in Spanish? family – familia mum – madre dad – padre sister – hermana brother – hermano aunt – la tía cousin – el primo daughter – la hija daughter-in-law la nuera father-in-law el suegro grandchild – el nieto granddaughter – la nieta grandfather – el abuelo grandmother – la abuela

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Jun 01, 2010  · Home Q&A How do you say "my family tree" in spanish? How do you say "my family tree" in spanish? 0. votes. I need to know how to say "My Family Tree" in Spanish for a project. 56122 views. updated JUN 1, 2010. posted by kasey_adams. 1 Answer. 0. votes. mi árbol de familia. updated JUN 1, 2010.

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Apr 09, 2021  · El árbol de familia – Family tree La genealogia – Genealogy El apellido de soltera – Maiden name El apellido – Last name La cronologia – Timeline Family Members in Spanish It’s important to know that Spanish is grammatically gendered. Spanish nouns are classified as either masculine or feminine.

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Feb 21, 2011  · this is how you spell Christmas tree in spanish. Christmas tree=Árbol de navidad

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Jul 21, 2020  · Family tree vocabulary in Spanish Using names of family members in writing and speaking Children often call their father “papa” and their mother “mama” in Spanish. You should remember to put the accent on the final syllable when writing or saying these words. Otherwise, you will be saying another word.

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Nov 23, 2007  · Gender and Family Members . Masculine plurals in Spanish can refer to mixed groups of males and females. Thus, cuatro hijos can mean either "four sons" or "four children," depending on the context. While it may sound strange to the ear attuned to English, padres is a grammatically correct way to refer to both a mother and father, even though padre alone refers …

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Two of the hardest for me, even after 15 years of constant Spanish immersion, are cuts of beef and types of fish (there’s a Puerto Rican genealogy and family tree transition coming, I promise). The beef problem comes from not knowing the cuts very well in English and also that the names change from country to country.

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How to say trees in Spanish. trees. Spanish Translation. árboles. More Spanish words for tree. el árbol noun. tree. el arzón noun.

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For the purpose of describing your family in Spanish, you need to know that words for family members that end in the letter -A such as “Mamá, Nieta, Hija” and “Abuela” are considered feminine nouns, whereas the ones ending in -O like “Abuelo, Nieto, …

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Jan 01, 2022  · Next Activities. Try our game where you need to translate Family members from English to Spanish.. Try our games to practice this vocabulary about family members: Juego 1 – Juego 2 We have another game with an image of a family tree where you need to choose the correct relationship between different members of that family.. Ver nuestra información en …

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Feb 05, 2018  · Use them to talk about LA FAMILIA with ease and learn Spanish fast by practicing your speaking skills. Family members Some relatives can be called in two ways. For example, you can use padre/papá for a farther and madre/mamá for a mom in Spanish. Generally, kids call their parents mamá and papá.

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How to say tree in Spanish – Translation of tree to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica. Example sentences: There’s a tall tree next to my window.

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Family Members in Spanish. Family is the center of life in Spanish-speaking cultures and is a common topic of everyday conversation. Whether somebody is talking about their own family or asking you about yours, make sure to learn these important vocabulary words so that you are prepared. spanish family group photo. Advertisement.

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The teacher ask students to put together their own family tree in Spanish for the next class. They should prepare a brief oral presentation to introduce the key members of their family and describe them if possible or say things like: “Este es mi papá. Se llama Mario”. Students should be encouraged to ask questions about their classmates’ families.

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Nov 08, 2008  · Best Answer Copy The words for "your family" are "su familia." They are pronounced "sue fah-ME-lee-ah." You can find Spanish translations for individual words by going to and typing in the…

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