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KING ARTHUR FAMILY TREE: Arthurian Lineage and Descendants

26/08/2021  · Family Tree of King Arthur (Geoffrey’s version) The family tree of the House of Constantine, come from three early sources:- Geoffrey of Monmouth (“Historia regum Britanniae”, 1137), Wace (“Roman de Brut”, 1155), and Layamon (“Brut”, c. 1200). Geoffrey’s Historia was written in Latin, but the names I had used are the popular English.

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King Arthur’s Family Tree. A brief explanation of King Arthur’s family, with descriptions of each important person. To discover the connection of a person to King Arthur, click the button on the bottom of this page (or the link on the side). Then, follow the buttons to find the family member.

Arthur – King Arthur’s Family Tree

Arthur – King Arthur’s Family Tree King Arthur King Arthur was a brilliant king, knight, leader, husband, and friend to everyone. He led his country with great boldness, and everyone loved him as their king. Arthur was born out of wedlock, and his parents were Uther and Igraine.

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05/02/2021  · Chart & Animation: Matt Baker & Narration: Jack Rackam Animation:…

British Royal Family Tree – King Arthur

For those interested in Genealogy here is a family tree of the descendants of Alfred the Great who lived 849 – 899, and from whom many of the royal families of Europe are descended. It shows 37 generations and over 3000 individuals including kings and queens of England, Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Hanover, Prussia, …

King Arthur – Genealogy, familly

King Arthur – Genealogy King Arthurwas the son of Uther Pendragonand Igraine. Igraine was the wife to Duke Gorlois of Cornwall when she conceived Arthur. Through Merlin’s magic, Uther was transformed to look exactly like her husband. Uther made love When Gorlois was killed, Uther immediately married Igraine. According to Geoffrey, Uther

King Arthur Family Tree – YouTube

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King Arthur’s Family Tree – Sarah Woodbury

20/02/2018  · King Arthur’s Family Tree. King Arthur’s family tree, as imagined by Geoffrey of Monmouth and others, is not a consistent lineage. For the purposes of Cold My Heart, I have taken what I hope is the best of the Welsh and the French/Anglo sources to craft a genealogy that makes sense, both historically, and for the purposes of telling a great story.

Arthur Pendragon – Historical records and family trees …

Arthur married Guinevere of Penaschel Pendragon, Renie (born De Cameliarde (Related To Robert 1st Of France)). Guinevere was born in 1020. They had one son: Sir Smerviemore (The Constipated) Johnson. Arthur married Queen Morgause Of Orkney. Arthur married Lionors Pendragon De Bretagne, Roi. Arthur passed away in 1070, at age 55.

King Arthur’s Family Tree by Justin Kuehl – Prezi

King Arthur’s Family Tree Arthur’s Father Wants to Sleep With Who is married to His Enemy Gorloris So… Uther Pendragon goes to Merlin Merlin is a wizard And Uther asks for a favor Merlin’s payment is any resulting child becomes his Merlin enchants Uther to look like Goloris And

Uther Pendragon, King Arthur’s Father … – geni family tree

01/03/2019  · King Arthur, Geoffrey of Monmout… son Anna, King Arthur’s Sister, Geof… daughter Constantine, Arthur’s Grandfathe… father N.N. {Geoffrey of Monmouth Text} mother Unnamed Sister of Uther, Geoffre… sister Aurelius Ambrosius, King of Brit… brother Constans, King of Britain {Geoff… brother

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King Arthur Family Tree Overview In this article, we go over the Arthur Family Tree and discuss some of the members of the king’s family. Learn more about the King of Camelot… R Rae Sengele Arthurian Legend King Arthur Legend Legend Of King Courtly Love Mists Of Avalon Medieval Roi Arthur John Everett Millais Templer Legends And Myths

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King Arthur Family Tree Diagram Here’s a family tree I put together of King Arthur’s relatives. It includes some other important characters of the Arthurian legend as well, such as Merlin, Sir Balin, the Fisher King, and the Lady of the Lady.

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"Arthur, Duke or Count of Brittany (1187-1203), for whose death King John was responsible, was the son and heir of Geoffrey, third son of Henry II, who was killed in a tournament at Paris 19 Aug. 1186. His mother was Constance, daughter and heiress of Conan le Petit, count of Brittany. He was born after his father’s death, on 29 March 1189.

About King Arthur, Guinevere and Camelot — The Facts On …

Since there is no proven historical data on King Arthur, the following is offered as a plausible tracing of his roots. This family tree was derived from a factual historical source that can be viewed at (Child Of Mine) Lilith And Adam Mary And Joseph Jesus And Mary Magdalen 6 BC / AD Clodius II King of the West Franks 6 AD

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