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Suzanne Anne Rice‘s Mayfair Family Tree

*Rowan Mayfair 13th witch/doorway Michael Curry see part 2 Timothy Terry Sue Curry LASHER taltos … Merrick Mayfair see vampire tree Ellie’s Child Ida Bell Mayfair taltos Anne Rice‘s Mayfair Family Tree Part 1 * = Heir/Beneficiary of Legacy bold = person appears in another tree (Part 2 or Vampire) colored = person appears in KEY

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Family Tree Part 2 ’s – Weebly

Mayfair Anne Rice’s Mayfair Family Tree Part 2 * = Heir/Beneficiary of Legacy = died of Lasher miscarriage bold = person appears in another tree (Part 1 or V ampire) colored = person appears in multiple places within tree KEY . Author: KO Created Date:

GENEALOGY OF THE MAYFAIR WITCHES: from the works of Anne …

Feb 09, 2010  · MAYFAIR WITCHES: from the works of Anne Rice. charts compiled by Scott Trimble. created and uploaded to America Online: 19 Feb 1995: revisions to the title / description: 09 Feb 1996: Lasher and Taltos update: 02 Jun 1996: format changed and corrections made: 03 …

Mayfair Family Tree

it is with her that he builds the First Street house. By Katherine, he fathers Clay and Vincent Mayfair, who in turn produce more Mayfair descendants. However, it is by Julien, her half-brother, that she gives birth to Mary Beth Mayfair

Mayfair Family Tree :spoiler: by sweet-marina on DeviantArt

Jul 12, 2009  · Mayfair Family Tree :spoiler: Published: Jul 12, 2009. By. sweet-marina. 22 Favourites. 14 Comments. 32K Views. Just finished reading the series Lives of the Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice, and updated the family tree that I’d been drawing to keep a track of all the names. I have only included Mayfairs whose relation to the family is known.

Family Tree of the 13 Witches – Angelfire

& Cortland Mayfair |-*Stella. 10. Stella & Lionel Mayfair |- *Antha (Mary Beth adopted Nancy Mayfair and she was raised as Stella’s child) 11. Antha & Sean Lacy |- *Deirdre. 12. Deidre & Cortland Mayfair |-*Rowan. 13. Rowan & Michael Curry |- Lasher & Lasher |- Emaleth Back to Misc. facts of the Mayfair Witches File Back to the Vaults of the …

Come Together – The Mayfair Witches

Antha Mayfair Antha, the nervous, frail daughter of Stella, found herself in the unofficial custody of Carlotta and her three aunts, Belle, Millie Dear, and Nancy Mayfair upon the death of her mother. Carlotta tried for years to gain legal custody of Antha and finally succeeded when Antha was in her teens.

Who Are Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches That AMC Is …

May 14, 2020  · He has connected to each of the heirs of the Mayfair clan for generations, waiting for the one who would become a doorway. The 13th. Dr. Rowan Mayfair is our protagonist and the 13th witch of the…

Lives of the Mayfair Witches – Wikipedia

Lives of the Mayfair Witches is a trilogy of Gothic supernatural horror/fantasy novels by American novelist Anne Rice.It centers on a family of witches whose fortunes have been guided for generations by a spirit named Lasher. The series began in 1990 with The Witching Hour, which was followed by the sequels Lasher (1993) and Taltos (1994). All three novels debuted at No. 2 …

Mayfair Witches Genealogy Family Tree | Anne rice books …

Mayfair Witches Genealogy Family Tree. pat taylor/asthepageturns2017. 1k followers. Anne Rice Books. Witch Coloring Pages. Mayfair. The Vampire Chronicles. Family Genealogy. Book Nerd. Book Worms. Literature. Geek Stuff. More information…. More like this. Life Cast. Anne Rice. Book Of Shadows. Book Nerd. Witchcraft …

Mayfair Witches Collection by Anne Rice – Goodreads

Find here the original trilogy from Anne Rice’s bestselling series about the lives of Mayfair witches… The Witching Hour Demonstrating once again her gift for spellbinding storytelling, Anne Rice makes real for us a great dynasty of four centuries of witches–a family given to poetry and incest, murder and philosophy, a family that over the ages is itself haunted by a powe

Rue Royal Lestat’s Coven – The Mayfair File

This ‘Mayfair Family Tree’ has been contructed by Craig Lister. I have only created a short Mayfair family tree including the thirteen witches and those who I feel matter to the entire story as awhole. I have not included Michael’s family tree as I do not know the name of his mother.

Mayfair Family Tree by lestat1991 on DeviantArt

Jun 17, 2015  · annericemayfairwitches So here it is a family tree of Anne Rice’s Mayfair witches. It took me A LOT OF TIME to make this tree and do all connections. It is full and complete from 3 books of Mayfair Witches by Anne Rice. ©Anne Rice Image details Image size 5395x3036px 835.69 KB © 2015 – 2022 Comments 2 Join the community to add your comment.

Witchcraft Fun: Family Tree Of Mayfair Witches

May 26, 2005  · Suzanne is the first of the Mayfair witches and she is the one who calls forth the spirit … more about the family tree than any other Mayfair. After Rowan disappears … [ Click To Open In A New Window ] The Mayfair Witch Family Tree This is a family tree of the main family involved in Anne Rice’s The Lives of the Mayfa

The Witches’ Companion: Ramsland, Katherine, Rice, Anne …

In the spellbinding tradition of her bestselling The Vampire Chronicles, the prolific Anne Rice has created the sensuous saga of the Mayfair witches. Resonant with supernatural suspense, mesmerizing eroticism, and lush detail, The Witching Hour, Lasher, and Taltos have bewitched the imaginations of readers everywhere.

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Rowan Mayfair | The Vampire Chronicles Wiki | Fandom

Rowan Mayfair View source Rowan Mayfair, born November 7 1959, is the 13th witch of the Mayfair clan. She is the main character of the novel The Witching Hour which takes place in the series Lives of the Mayfair Witches . Appearence She is described as tall and beautifully androgynous with ashen blond hair and piercing grey eyes.

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