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A list of dubious Pocahontas descendants, in chronological order: Jane Rolfe, sister of Thomas Rolfe and daughter of Pocahontas. No such person. Pocahontas had one son, Thomas Rolfe, and no daughters. The only Jane Rolfe was the daughter of Thomas. John Rolfe did have a couple of daughters by other wives.

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Apr 23, 2019  · You just might be part of some of the 100,000 people who claim to be descendants of Pocahontas through the Thomas Rolfe bloodline. Pocahontas, a Native Indian, was born about 1596 in what would later be the Virginia colony of Jamestown. She is the main character in the story of saving Jamestown citizen John Smith […]

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Aug 14, 2021  · The descendants of Pocahontas and John Rolfe were known as the "Red Rolfes." Two years later on the spring of 1616, Rolfe took her to England where the Virginia Company of London used her in their propaganda campaign to support the colony. She was wined and dined and taken to theaters.

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Descendants [] John Rolfe was born in 1585 in Heacham, Norfolk, England died in 1622 in Varina Farms, Virginia. He married firstly in 1608 to Sarah Hacker (-1610). He married secondly in 1614 to Pocahontas (c1596-1617). He married thirdly in 1619 to Jane Pierce (-). Children of John Rolf and Pocahontas [] Bermuda Rolfe (1609-1610)

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Some of the most recently added connections of famous kin for Pocahontas Edith (Bolling) Wilson First Lady of President Woodrow Wilson 7th great-granddaughter Admiral Richard Byrd Polar Explorer 9th great-grandson Harry F. Byrd 50th Governor of Virginia 9th great-grandson Edward Norton Movie Actor 12th great-grandson

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Feb 25, 2020  · "Pocahantas: The Princess Pocahantas was the daughter of the Indian Chief Powhatan, the mighty Werowance (chief mystery man) and ruler of all of the Indian tribes of the Potomac region. The great Powhatan lives in the history of colonial times as the ablest and most noted of all the celebrated rulers of confederated Indian tribes.

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May 01, 2015  · Pocahontas and Rolfe had one child, Thomas Rolfe, who was born in 1615 before his parents left for England. Through this son, Pocahontas has many living descendants. Two of Pocahontas’s descendants have become First Lady of the United States, both First Lady Edith Wilson and First Lady Nancy Reagan. Photo: First Lady Edith Wilson.

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Edith Wilson, Harry and Richard Byrd, and Edward Norton, have already been presented as Red-Bolling descendants of Pocahontas. Their bloodlines are shown here. Since all direct descendants have the first four generations in common, that part of the family tree is only shown once.


Dec 25, 2001  · Our Principal Chief, Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson, is a direct successor and hereditary Chief of the Amonsoquath (Bear Clan a.k.a. Wild Potatoes Clan) or the "Bear People, who descend from Pocahontas’ Mother Amopotuskee, who lived at Amonute in what is now VA, and migrated west to Missouri beginning in 1652 and ending in about 1794.

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Feb 18, 2022  · Some Virginia families claim descent from Pocahontas and her husband, John Rolfe; in fact the majority of the descendants of Pocahontas in the USA are through their son, Thomas Rolfe. Pocahontas was only 27 when she died in the arms of her husband as she was leaving Britain to return to Virginia.

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About Pocahonta’s Descendants, With Corrections and Additions Thomas Rolfe, the son of John Rolfe and Pocahontas, the legendary Indian princess, was the father of Jane Rolfe and (possibly) Anne Rolfe, by different wives.

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Feb 18, 2022  · All Pocahontas descendants are in this group. Group 3. Descendants of Benjamin Bolling (1734-1832), in multiple lines, through his sons Jesse, Jeremiah, and Delaney. Group 5. Descendants of James Bowling (arr. 1700-1729). This group includes: James (c. 1756-?) John (c. 1756-?) m. Mary Tarpley John Tarpley Bolling/Bolding (1778-1849) Group 6.

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pocahontas, alias matoaka, and her descendants through her marriage at jamestown, virginia, in april, 1614 with john rolfe, gentleman; including the names of alfriend, archer, bentley, bernard, bland, bolling, branch, cabell, catlett, cary, dandridge, dixon, douglas, duval, eldgride, ellett, gerguson, field, fleming, gay, fordon, griffin, …

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His mother was Pocahontas whose father was Chief Powhatan of a federation of the Algonquian Indian tribes of the tidewater region of Virginia The father of Thomas Rolfe was John Rolfe, a member of the House of Burgess & credited with establishing the planting of tobacco in Virgina Colony. … Shirley Lake Princess POCAHONTAS Genealogy Websites

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Pocahontas (Powhatan) Rolfe is a descendant of Pocahontas. Here is the trail. Profiles for Thomas and his descendants may display the Descendant of Pocahontas sticker, which adds them to the category used by the Descendants of Pocahontas Team (a sub project of WikiTree’s Native Americans Project . Disputed Family

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Jun 12, 2017  · Based on Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s family tree data on ancestry.com, Pocahontas was her 10th great-grandmother, so Shaheen is a 12th-generation descendant of Mataoka. As a 12th generation descendant of Pocahontas, her blood quantum would be twenty-four one-thousandths (.024) of one percent Native American ancestry. [text_ad]

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Descendants of Pocahontas Matoaka Powhatan Pocahontas Matoaka Powhatan & John Rolfe Thomas Rolfe & Jane Poythress Jane Rolfe & Robert Bolling Jane Bolling & Rev. James Clack James Clack, Jr. & Mary Sterling John Clack & Mary Kennon Martha Kennon Clack & John Brodnax Martha Kennon Brodnax & Nathaniel Harrison

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The Bolling descendants of John Rolfe and Pocahontas. Statement of Responsibility: by Edward Watson Bolling. Authors: Bolling, Edward Watson (Main Author) Pocahontas, ca. 1598-1617 (Subject) Format: Books/Monographs/Book with Digital Images. Language:

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