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22/01/2019  · Across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the Medieval period, it was the authoritative text on astronomy, with its author becoming an almost mythical figure, called Ptolemy, King of Alexandria. The Almagest was preserved, like most of Classical Greek science, in Arabic manuscripts (hence its familiar name).

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08/05/2021  · Ptolemy is one of the minor characters in the historical novel Roxana Romance by A. J. Cave with the Hellenic spelling of Ptolemaios. Ptolemy features as an important supporting character in Stealing Fire, a historical fantasy novel by Jo Graham which explores the years immediately after the death of Alexander the Great.

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Ptolemy was the son of Arsina of Macedon, either from her husband Lagus, or from Philip II of Macedon, father of Alexander. Ptolemy was one of the most reliable companions and officers of the latter. Since childhood, they have been close friends. In the year 285, our hero declared his son Berenice – Ptolemy II Philadelphus, his official co-ruler.

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There are 2,941 people with the Ptolemy surname on MyHeritage. Research Ptolemy family. Is your surname Ptolemy? Start your family tree now.

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02/09/2016  · Family Tree of Ptolemy VIII (Paternal and Maternal Great-Grandfather of Cleopatra VII) ThoughtCo Family Tree of Cleopatra III (Paternal and Maternal Great-Grandmother of Cleopatra VII) Cleopatra III was the daughter of a brother and sister, so her grandparents and great-grandparents were the same on both sides. ThoughtCo Cite this Article

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18/01/2021  · Cleopatra’s family tree is a who is who of the Greek world. She descends from the Ptolemies that ruled Egypt and from many other royals of the region. She counted kings of Macedon, Greece, Thrace, Pontus, Cyrenaica, Asia Minor, and the Seleucid Empire among her ancestors. The Romans, like Julius Caesar, were dazzled with Cleopatra’s lineage.

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The three younger children of Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra’s sister Arsinoe IV and brothers Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator and Ptolemy XIV, were born in the absence of his wife. Cleopatra’s childhood tutor was Philostratos, from whom she learned the …

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23/09/2019  · Cleopatra’s Children and Descendants. The Egyptian queen bore Julius Caesar an illegitimate son in 47 BC, appropriately naming him Caesarion to demonstrate his relationship to Caesar. The boy who would have been a threat to Octavian met his death shortly after the suicides of his mother and step-father, Mark Antony in 30 BC.

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Cleopatra Family Tree | Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt – YouTube. Buy the chart: the Habsburgs were weird?

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25/12/2013  · Ptolemy IV murdered his mother (who had killed her husband who was having a love affair with her mother), married sister Arsinoe III (who was murdered immediately after Ptolemy IV’s death). Ptolemy V was the nicest of the later Ptolemies and thoughtfully had his mother’s murderers ripped apart by a mob. Ptolemy VI fought his own brother for …

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Ptolemaic Family Tree from Ptolemy I to Cleopatra VII’s grandchild. Information. Heard about the family being "close"? I was pretty surprised when I saw it all laid out.. A little too close. Website has a .pdf that you can zoom on, and a bunch of annotated stuff on what "legitimate" actually means.

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27/09/2020  · Sep 27, 2020. #2. I made these family trees of Ptolemy III and Berenike II if it helps. Also marked what area each individual was from. Ptolemy III had Macedonian and Thessalian ancestry, but his ancestors Ptolemy I and Berenike I both had ancestry from the nearby region of Eordaea. Berenike II had Macedonian and Sogdian ancestry.


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They were the last dynasty of ancient Egypt. Ptolemy, one of the seven somatophylakes (bodyguards) who served as Alexander the Great ‘s generals and deputies, was appointed satrap of Egypt after Alexander’s death in 323 BC. In 305 BC, he declared himself King Ptolemy I, later known as "Soter" (saviour).

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