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The Guilty Gear Family Tree So with Aria being reborn after the Jack-O/Justice fusion, it made me think of some stuff and I’m curious on how you guys think about it as well. Now that Aria is back, do you consider her to be El & Ram’s sister or their new mom.

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Tangled Family Trees are commonly seen in comics and soap operas, both of which have long-running continuities focusing on one group of characters through decades of changing hands from writer to writer. It is also a common phenomenon in mythology, folklore, and oral traditions for much the same reasons (with "long running continuities" being …

Just finished the Xrd story mode! Made a quick Badguy …

Made a quick Badguy Family Tree to get my facts straight. spoiler. Close. 317. Posted by 5 months ago. Just finished the Xrd story mode! Made a quick Badguy Family Tree to get my facts straight … into Justice, and I think the implication is that Justice has a ridiculously long gestation period lol. And yeah unless Sol is somehow not counted …

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1 Before starting, these are the tropes which apply to almost everyone: 2 Introduced in Guilty Gear: The Missing Link. 3 Sol Badguy/Order-Sol. 3.1 Tropes related with Sol Badguy. 3.2 Tropes related with Order-Sol. 4 Ky Kiske. 5 May. 6 Millia Rage. 7 Zato-1 / Eddie.

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Sol Badguy Enemies That Man Justice Kayron Tenebria Zeno Type of Hero Loyal Hybrid Dizzy is a heroine from Guilty Gear who is an innocent and pacifistic Commander Gear. She is technically only 3 years old, but her body matures at an alarming rate due to her Gear cells. She is half-Gear and half-human, and her mother is Commander Gear Justice.

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That Man, also referred to as the Gear Maker, is a major character in the Guilty Gear series. He is the creator of the Gears and Justice, and the target of Sol Badguy’s revenge. He has three servants: Raven, I-No, and Jack-O’ Valentine, who frequently act on his behalf while he remains behind the scenes.

I made a Guilty Gear mains family tree, let me know if it …

I made a Guilty Gear mains family tree, let me know if it’s correct. Ky is becoming a Gear through Gear STDs and nothing you say will convince me otherwise. Sin still has his eye too IIRC. Ok STDs aside, it’s really implied Ky and Sin swapped eyes.

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Dizzy is one of the main characters of the Guilty Gear series. An innocent and pacifist command-type half-Gear, Dizzy is the daughter of Justice, who once waged war on all of humanity, but grew up unaware of her origins.The names of Dizzy’s shapeshifting wings, also called her guardians, are Necro and Undine.

Backyard | Guilty Gear Wiki | Fandom

The Backyard is an alternate world in Guilty Gear. It is said to contain all the information that creates the real world. It is also an encapsulating term that refers to the source of limitless energy known as Magic. It is the codex or source of transferred information that comprises most of the world as physical manifested data; the source of what makes the real world exist. The world …

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Tangled Family Tree: For someone who thought he was a loner for life by STRIVE Sol has gotten himself a full family, with a few bizarre levels of association, where some members were outright trying to kill him once, and he has tried to kill them before too, before everyone setting down as a happy family, take a look at this madness:

Saw this pretty bold claim that Sol Badguy is multiversal …

4. Continue this thread. level 1. LeadPlooty. · 1m. Sol was once tricked into killing his younger self when he was sent back in time, and he just said "no" to the paradox. Without a limiter his attacks can damage Justice, whose armor can withstand the "information" (the data and laws of reality ) of a galaxy cluster.

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The family-er tree. 49. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 23d – Potemkin. Something something "blood of the covenant is thicker than the waters of the womb" 17. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 2 · 23d – Sol Badguy. Why would they invite the madman with a revolver who was kinda responsible for everything bad that happened in GG lore? 23 …

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While the family tree in question is relatively straightforward, the reveal that Sol Badguy and Justice/Aria are Dizzy’s parents (and Sin’s grandparents) is still shocking enough that the Valentine sisters Ramlethal and Elphelt (who are Aria’s clones) ruminate on whether they now need to be refer to Sol as "father" or "brother."

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R – Story Mode FAQ …

Dec 12, 2010  · That is, people listed here are the ones who directly helped me improve this FAQ. 1. Ryan Worcester & Michael Bonds My thanks for pointing out missing parts of May’s story path. You have to choose the first option AND defeat all the opponents up to the second (Boss) I-No without continue.

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Sin Kiske. Ky Kiske. Venom (Guilty Gear) Robo-Ky goes to horny jail. Sin may be an idiot but he’s OUR idiot. Summary. Robo-Ky has gotten a new body, and now intends to take what he believes is his. However, he failed to prepare for one thing: the escapades of the ‘Useless Original.’. Series.

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