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Plum Tree App

Welcome to the plum tree app! Create dynamic family trees for your sims legacies. Then publish and share your trees for others to see. Donations Target ( 60%) The plum tree is free to use but not free to run. Please consider donating to help me out in keeping the project going. Last month’s bill was $245.55, donations this month are up to $147.93.

How do you see your family tree on Sims 4?

After you download the most recent The Sims 4 update, you can find this in Live Mode by opening the Simology Panel (or hit the Y key). Then, click Show House’s Genealogy. How can I see my family tree? Get to Know Your Family Tree. Take a Look. Go to and sign in. View your tree in portrait view (pictured). … Add More.


04/10/2018  · THE BIGGEST SIMS 4 FAMILY TREE! (UPDATED) – YouTube.

Sims 4 Family Tree Mod – Stop Relatives From Disappearing …

01/09/2021  · What does the Sims 4 family tree mod do exactly? The No Disappearing Relatives in Family Tree mod stops the disappearing of the dead family members. Your relatives will now be preserved, no matter how much time they have been dead. Additionally, you will not receive messages that your ghost relatives are getting weaker, and they won’t vanish! So, you can …

I tried to make the largest family tree possible in the …

23/09/2020  · In this video we’re going to play with genetics and make the largest family tree possible in the Sims 4! Okay, maybe not the largest family tree possible, bu…

Family Tree Maker — The Sims Forums

19/12/2015  · There is a free family tree tool for sims but it was built with The Sims 4 in mind. I only poked at it for a minute just now but it looks like you could use it for The Sims 3 too… Just manually type in traits, lifetime wish, and life state. Doesn’t look like there’s a way to mark as dead but I could’ve missed it. edit: Lokitty1989 already linked it.

Better family tree mod? : Sims4

Here are quite a few that some of you may like: There’s this one, it’s on Patreon, but free. It has a lot of family options and a second download if you want the ‘no relationship between family’: And then there’s this one:

[Top 10] The Sims 4 Best Family Mods (2021 Edition …

24/07/2021  · As Family gameplay is some of the most popular playstyles in the Sims universe, it’s only natural that modders would develop content that takes us further into the world of family dynamics. Check out these Top Ten Family Mods below if you’re looking to add more realism and conflict into your Sims 4 Family’s life. 10. First Love by LittleMsSam

s a m t a s t i c

13/12/2015  · Family means everything to you and you won’t allow your children to go through the same experience as you. Objectives: Get married and no woohoo before marriage (married once, no divorce) Complete one of the Family aspirations. One parent must stay at home as a homemaker to see to the raising of children.

Solved: [FIXED] Sims in Family Tree Disappearing – Answer HQ

Here are some screenshots of the family tree i took before and now. The first 3 files attached are the ones taken around September-October. and the ones clipped onto this post is the one from today. as you can see 2 sims from the right side of the tree got deleted for some reason; (and their children too.)

Solved: [FIXED] Broken family tree… – Answer HQ

It’s an issue with taking your sims in CAS. It’s such a pain, especially for those of us who have an extensive family tree. We tend to see that issue the most as opposed to those who play with small sim families. It alters the family members who live outside the household, too. I think that’s the biggest issue and reason why the tree splits like that.

The Plum Tree: Family Tree Tool for The Sims | SimsVIP

13/08/2016  · The Sims 4 Tutorials The Plum Tree: Family Tree Tool for The Sims By The Plum Tree – August 13, 2016 25 Hi everyone, my name is Tobias and I’m the creator of The Plum Tree, a web app I’ve been developing to build family trees for Sim Legacies. The Plum Tree’s focus is on creating simple family trees with a few sim specific additions.

The Plum Tree: Family Tree Tool for The Sims 4

13/08/2016  · The Plum Tree lets you set up your own account and create your own Family Tree from scratch. You can upload pictures of your Sims, edit their names and bio, traits and aspirations and then link them all together in one big family tree. You can already see an example of a family tree uploaded to this site by clicking the image down below.

Sims 4 Family Tree : thesims

Good Date: If both Sims are happy, you get a good date. Benefits: A good date will help for 3 days! The two Sims will have an easier time with romance interactions during this time. Good Date is a fine buff that will not impact your Sims’ emotions. LEAVE Function: Sims can be told to LEAVE immediately. This does not work only on dates, but everywhere on any NPC.

MORE Sims 4 Realistic Family Mods & CC – Miss Mani Plays

12/07/2020  · The Jeffersons focuses on the lives of Jamie & Zanarius’ children JaKayla, Camron, Brandon, & Brittney. The Choosy Lover episodes focuses on the dilemma between JaKayla, James, & Marcel. In Choosy Lover, JaKayla finds herself stuck in a love triangle. Post not marked as liked ©2018 BY MISS MANI PLAYS. PROUDLY CREATED WITH WIX.COM

Introducing Genealogy

02/02/2015  · After you download the most recent The Sims 4 update, you can find this in Live Mode by opening the Simology Panel (or hit the Y key). Then, click Show House’s Genealogy. Boom! There’s the whole family. You can now view and track the vast relationships you’ve accumulated in your Sims’ lifetimes.

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