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Family Tree | Warrior Cats

Family Tree | Warrior Cats. A full chart connecting all our beloved characters. Learn more about your favourite Warriors and their ancestors in this interactive family tree.

Introducing the new and improved Family Tree! | Warrior Cats

Introducing the new and improved Family Tree! | Warrior Cats. Your concerns have been heard – and now you can enjoy the new and improved family tree!

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24/03/2017  · Warrior cats. Home News Info Characters Family tree’s Book/Character Reviews Q&A Family Tree’s The family tree’s of some of the Warriors characters. Tigerstar’s family tree. 3/24/2017 41 Comments 41 Comments Crookedstar’s …

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Hawk: Living (As of Darkness Within) Petal: Living (As of Tree’s Roots) Cloud: Status unknown. Haze: Deceased, verified ghost. Stream: Deceased, verified ghost. Chestnut: Living (As of Tree’s Roots) Snail: Living (As of Tree’s Roots) Mud: Living (As of …

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19/04/2020  · familytree freebase warriorcats warriorcatsoc freebases. These are some free headshots you can use for warrior cat family trees! Have fun! What you CAN use this base for: – Family Trees. – Your Own OCs. – Ref Headshot. What you CANT use thise base for: – …

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17/10/2021  · Warrior cats family tree base. Unknown most likely old age or starvation. A full chart connecting all our beloved characters. But they don’t usually have names relating to being a warrior, like ravenclaw. Warriors is a very popular book series about the adventures of 4 clans of cats, thunderclan, shadowclan, windclan, and riverclan.

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26/01/2019  · I make the first two cats, a tom and a she-cat. Next person makes their kit or kits. Next person makes the kit’s mate. Example I will draw the family tree every 4-5 turns into it or as soon as I can get it up. First Cats are— Orangeglade – A dark black to with a white mask and amber eyes. Azuresky – A brown she-cat with pale green eyes. Wildclan

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These templates are those that are used to apply family trees to character pages. They are complex, and named for the most major character in the tree. Warriors Wiki

COMPLETE Warriors Family Tree (Part 1) – SPOILERS by Kibui …

10/04/2015  · UPDATE #11: Huge Update: Added Hillkit, Downkit, Chestnutkit, Cherrypaw, Swankit and Cricketkit. Added Featherkit’s name and the appearance of Morningkit and Splashkit. Changed Molepaw’s eyes to green and Thornclaw’s to blue. Added Mistystar’s mate Blackclaw and his family tree. Added Frogleap’s appearance and his mate and kits.

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09/12/2020  · Harry Potter: Family Relationships 17; Family Tree Word Ladder 11 ‘Family’ Titled TV 5; TV by Family Tree 4; Pick My Relative! 3; Famous Family Trees 3; ASOIAF Great Houses by Family Tree 2; Donald Duck’s Family Tree 1; Famous Family Trees II 1

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27/12/2014  · Here, we’ll generate a family tree! I’ve only seen one of these, so I’ll try my own spin on it. Okay, let’s do your parents and their names first. Use the first letter of your parents first names. A- Bracken (father), Cinder (mother) B- Fire (father), Amber (mother) C- Rabbit (father), White (mother) D- Red (father), Golden (mother)

The Warriors Genetics Project — Regarding Family Trees

So i’m making a thing, and there is about 6 cats living in tunnels, and I wanted to know possible kits for two familys. Family 1. The mother is a classic tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes, the father a white tom with green eyes. They will have two kits, one she, one tom. Family 2.

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Firestar’s Family Tree – Warrior Cats By WarriorCat|CloudyHope You Enjoy! :)—–DeviantArt – http://cloudycrafter.deviantart…

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26/10/2021  · The 10 most common surnames in japan and their meanings. So, 12 moons would mean one year old. warrior cats family tree Google Search Warrior cats Firestar is a ginger tabby tom with green eyes. Warrior cats family tree wiki. Warrior cat family tree maker studios. Tree is the current mediator and resides in skyclan. His best friend graystripe comes back from …

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Warrior Cats Family Trees. This family tree represents the ThunderClan connections through The Sight, the first book in Warriors: Power of Three series. As the queens are not required to tell who has fathered their kits, there are some lineages that only StarClan know. See Family Tree. More › 315 People Used More Info ›› Visit site >

Tigerstar’s family tree – Warrior cats

24/03/2017  · Warrior cats. Home News Info Characters Family tree’s Book/Character Reviews Q&A Family Tree’s The family tree’s of some of the Warriors characters. Tigerstar’s family tree. 3/24/2017 41 Comments 41 Comments Emily. 5/20/2019 04:50:26 pm. Feedback: Dovewing never mates Bumblestripe. She mates Tigerheart. Tigerheart is not shown because Tawnypelt …

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Extras. Created Jun 21, 2017 Report Nominate. Tags: cat, Family, The Warriors, tree, Ultimate Warrior, Warrior, Warrior Cats, Warriors Books, Warriors Characters.

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