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Firestar | Warriors Wiki | Fandom

Firestar is a bright flame-colored tom with emerald-green eyes. Firestar was a leader of ThunderClan in the forest and the lake territories, and prophesied as the "fire to save ThunderClan." He was born to Jake and Nutmeg, and lived as a kittypet named Rusty. He joined ThunderClan as an apprentice, receiving the name of Firepaw, and was mentored by Lionheart …

Warrior Cats Plot Generator ― Perchance

Warrior Cats Plot Generator. Rookstar has decided that the peaceful ways of ShadowClan are worthless, and changes the Clan to suit their desires. A council has been formed which decides the fate of every single cat in the Clan. Those who upset the council are exiled or killed.

Tree | Warriors Wiki | Fandom

Tree is a small, thickly pelted, muscular, bright yellow tom with amber eyes, and he has six toes on one of his hind paws. Tree is the current mediator and resides in SkyClan. He was born in the Sisters to Moonlight with his sisters Sunrise and Ice as Earth. Earth was forced to leave his kin per the Sisters culture at six moons old. He later met his father, Root, who taught him to survive …

Top Ten Warrior Cats – TheTopTens

2 Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats’ minds, emotions, and walk into other cats dreams, He was born blind. according to the Warrior Cats Wiki Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale gray tabby …read more. Jayfeather is my favorite warrior cat character.

Warriors (novel series) – Wikipedia

Warriors is a series of novels based on the adventures and drama of multiple clans of feral cats. The series is primarily set in the fictional location of White Hart Woods, and later, Sanctuary Lake. Published by HarperCollins, the series is written by authors Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui T. Sutherland under the collective pseudonym Erin Hunter. …

Top Ten Saddest Warrior Cat Deaths – TheTopTens

3 Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. Silverstream is a sleek, soft, and thick-furred, slender, silver -and-black tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head, and bright blue eyes. She’s the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe …read more. I honestly was so upset when she died, …

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