The Rise of Khyree Jackson

: From Last Chance U to Alabama Star

Early Beginnings

: Khyree Jackson's journey began at Wise High School in Maryland, where his talent was undeniable.

Physical Attributes

: "Standing tall at 6'3", Khyree's height and athleticism make him a formidable cornerback


: Khyree's versatility shines as he excels at both cornerback and safety, showcasing his defensive prowess.

Special Teams Impact

: Beyond defense, Khyree makes game-changing plays on special teams, proving his all-around value

Path to the NFL

: As Khyree prepares for the NFL Draft, his sights are set on making it to the professional ranks. Stay tuned for his journey.

Last Chance U

: Khyree's next stop: East Mississippi Community College, the setting of Netflix's 'Last Chance U.' Here, he honed his skills and caught the attention of top programs