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X-Men Family Tree — The Big Five Legacies

2 days ago · The X-Men are all about family. Often, this is the literal case since these heroes gain their power through genetics. But family as a social unit is also a heavy story device for the Children of the Atom.There are even certain family trees …

The X-Men Family Tree Is (Very) Complicated | Screen Rant

Jul 04, 2019  · Considering the sheer number of characters in the X-Men franchise its no surprise figuring out the family tree can be very complex. The X-Men were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the 1960s, with the comic following the titular team of superheroes. The X-Men were assembled by powerful psychic Charles Xavier, who wants to foster peace and understanding …

Cyclops and the Summers: The X-Men Family Tree, …

Nov 17, 2019  · Cyclops and the Summers: The X-Men’s Most Confusing Family Tree, Explained. With Cyclops and his family taking on a bigger role in the world of the X-Men, here’s everything you need to know about the Marvel hero’s family. By Eve Cassidy Published Nov 16, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email. 0.

The X-Men Family | Visual.ly

Some mutants are tied by family relation while other have dated, are married to, or are the arch nemesis of other mutants. Some mutants have even been cloned, to make matters more complicated. To answer your questions, here is a complete “family tree” of sorts for the X-Men.

An Annotated X-Men Family Tree | The Mary Sue

Jan 17, 2011  · We’re big fans of Joe Stone’s epic X-Men family tree, but supergeeks though we are, we will concede that it can be a little confusing unless you have read more comics indeed. Luckily, friends of …

Family Trees | uncannyxmen.net

21 rows  · Aug 03, 2014  · FROST FAMILY TREE. 31st Dec 2021. GREY FAMILY TREE. 14th Sep 2006. HUDSON / HOWLETT / LOGAN FAMILY TREE. 23rd Aug 2013. LeBEAU FAMILY TREE. 16th Aug 2003. MAGNETO / MAXIMOFF FAMILY TREE.

X-Men family tree | FlowingData

Mar 31, 2011  · X-Men family tree . March 31, 2011 Topic Infographics / comics, family tree, humor, xmen. Amusing from graphic designer Joe Stone, although not as good as the crazy-detailed one from a couple of years ago. [Joe Stone | Thanks, John] Related. Bourbon family tree; The family tree for All in the Family;

Xavier Family Tree | Marvel Database | Fandom

Xavier Family Tree View source History Talk (0) watch 01:55. Cobra Kai Season 4 – The Loop. Do you like this video? Play Sound Contents. 1 Many Generations Previous; 2 Two Generations Previous; 3 Previous Generation; 4 Current Generation; 5 Alternate Reality …


[Uncanny X-Men #249-250] In fact, it is more likely that they were adopted sisters, with Zala being the true daughter of the Dane couple who raised Lorna, who for some reason left home and her family when Lorna was recently adopted and too young to remember her older "sister".

X-Men Family Tree | Relationship map, X men, Relationship …

X-Men family tree breaks down mutant mating habits with surprising clarity. Confused about which mutants are married to whom? This chart by Joe Stone ought to clear up some of the confusion. It’s missing the 10,000 people who’ve slept …

Cyclops’ Family Tree – Comic Vine

Cyclops’ Family Tree. All of Cyclops’ children from either the mainstream reality or from an alternate reality. List items

X-Men Family Tree : comicbooks – reddit

Those i rcognize; First row magneto, juggernaut, xavier and i don’t know. second row: the three kids of magneto (quicksilver, scarlet witch and polaris), Xorn (a magneto alias or impersonator, depending on which side you take on this contreversy),then xavier’s girlfriends: gabrielle haller, moira mactaggart, and empress lilandra.

Wolverine’s Family Tree (X-Men) – YouTube

Logan”s Family Tree explained from the x-men comics and moviesWolverine thumbnail art by – https://www.deviantart.com/nicochan3/art/Wolverine-Colored-by-me-…

Summers & Grey Family Tree ( X-Men / Deadpool ) – YouTube

With Cable being a prominent character in Deadpool 2, I though I would make a Summers & Grey Family Tree from the X-Men comics universeContact whycreatevi…

X-‘family tree’ – X-Men – Comic Vine

I thought it would interesting to list some of the ambiguous family relations in X-men. Cyclops. Rachel- basically a daughter. Cable- son. Pixie- like a daughter. Hope- Granddaughter. Wolverine. X …

X-Men: The Colossus Family is A Marvel Soap Opera | Screen …

Jun 18, 2020  · It’s official: the X-Men’s Colossus has one crazy family tree. The X-Men comics have often been compared to the superhero equivalent of a soap opera. The idea was baked into the franchise from the start, when the X-Mansion was attacked by Professor X’s step-brother Juggernaut because of a childhood grudge.

X-Men Family Tree | X men, Marvel, Comics

The X-Men Family Since its first comic book release, the X-Men franchise has grown to include a multitude of characters, many with complex backgrounds that intermingle Visually

The Summers’ family tree, a x-men fanfic | FanFiction

Comics X-Men. Follow/Fav The Summers’ family tree. By: Akai-Pixy. A short fic, because everyone needs their own brand of the Summers family. Pairings implied Scott/Jean, Remy/Rogue and Logan/Remy. Rated: Fiction K+ – English – Humor – James H./Wolverine/Logan, Scott S./Cyclops …

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